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Integrated Compressed Natural Gas

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Natural Gas Delivery Solutions

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Powering The World

Long term agreements to access natural gas and deliver it to where it’s needed.

Global Energy Ventures Ltd (GEV) is focused on providing compressed natural gas (CNG) solutions on a global basis. Each global project prior to commitment will be secured against long term sales agreements. Substantial technical engineering and construction studies for marine CNG operations have been completed. GEV together with its development partner, EnerSea Transport Inc (EnerSea), have identified a number of projects within the focused target markets that are capable of achieving final investment decisions (FID) in a reasonable timeframe.

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GEV has selected EnerSea as a leading technical and development partner due to their capabilities and access to their patented technology and project development and management expertise.  GEV considers EnerSea as having the most advanced CNG technology capable of achieving FID in the near term.