Hydrogen is now a global mega-trend

Set to become the pillar for decarbonising the world’s heavy CO2 emitters.

  • Hydrogen has zero carbon emissions.
  • COVID has delivered significant scale in global stimulus to implement ‘zero carbon’ road maps removing dependencies on fossil fuels.
  • Governments, corporations and investors committed to ‘net-zero targets’ and mobilising investment.
  • Falling costs of renewables and hydrogen technologies opening up new hydrogen industries.
  • Hydrogen industry embracing new storage and transport solutions to facilitate export markets.
  • Significant sustainable investment now focussing on early adopters of hydrogen solutions.

Why Compression?

A simple & energy efficient supply chain that is ideally suited for regional transportation


GEV’s first mover hydrogen advantage

World first development utilising compression for large scale marine storage and transport of hydrogen

  • Leverage in-house technical expertise in the design and approval of marine pressure vessels to accelerate development program.
  • American Bureau of Shipping and Capilano Maritime engaged to deliver ‘Approval in Principle’ (AIP) in 1H 2021.
  • Successful delivery of AIP to demonstrate there are no identified showstoppers that would prevent the ultimate classification of the vessel.

Compressed H2 Ship

Storage capacity of up to 2,000 tonnes of compressed hydrogen at 250 bar

With the rapid advancements in both marinized fuel cells and hydrogen internal combustion engines, GEV intends to fuel with vessel with pure hydrogen, providing a ‘zero-carbon’ shipping solution.

Smaller capacity ships will be evaluated by GEV for demonstration purposes based on specific pilot export projects.


Benefits of Compression over Liquefaction and Ammonia

  • Simplicity of the supply chain
  • Energy efficiency
  • Low cost of compression & decompression
  • Established technologies

American Bureau of Shipping Approvals

GEV’s marine engineering and development teams have established an accelerated work schedule to achieve the first key milestone of Approval In Principle (AIP) from American Bureau of Shipping in the first half of 2021. GEV is confident that its credentials in successfully attaining design approvals with ABS, on two occasions, will enable GEV to execute an efficient and cost effective program.

The ship and its innovative cargo system are in the patent process and GEV expects to receive broad patent protection for this novel ship.