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A scoping study has found Global Energy Ventures’ compressed hydrogen ship to be both technically feasible and ‘highly competitive’ to transport the hyped future fuel at distances that conveniently connect Australia to Southeast Asian markets.

Describing itself as “delighted” with the study’s results, Global Energy Ventures (GEV) says it now has the confidence to “rapidly progress” the development of its compressed hydrogen C-H2 Ship to the next phase. The “world first” ship design, which has already patented, can transport 2,000 tonnes of compressed hydrogen and aims to be ready for the windfall expected to follow the billions of dollars invested in developing the hydrogen industry worldwide.

GEV, a marine transportation company headquartered in Western Australia, says the study confirms it can deliver not only the ship itself, but a full zero-emissions compressed hydrogen (C-H2) supply chain with minimal barriers.  It expects commercialisation in the next five years, aiming to meet both demand and Australian export projects timelines.

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Compressed green hydrogen ship for Aussie exports deemed ‘highly competitive’