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Australia’s Global Energy Ventures (GEV) has brought in Finnish experts Wartsila to develop an electric drive propulsion system for its proposed new compressed hydrogen carrier. Electric drive is ideally suited for dynamic positioning capability that will enable unassisted connections and disconnections with near-shore loading buoys, the Sydney-listed company said.

The Finnish group will be responsible for integration of power generation using hydrogen-blended fuels for the C-H2 vessel.

Ballard Power Systems continues to work on hydrogen fuel cells at scale for the design, GEV added.

Martin Carolan, GEV managing director and chief executive, said: “We have shown that C-H2 shipping is ideally suited for exporting green hydrogen with a lower delivered cost and having a technology leader such as Wartsila with us, we can deliver a shipping solution that is completely sustainable.”

Petteri Saares, Wartsila sales director, added that the project is an important stepping stone along the journey towards a decarbonised maritime industry.

“We are actively developing propulsion alternatives that can utilise future carbon-neutral fuels, raise efficiency levels, and which significantly improve environmental performance,” he added.